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Odor control air freshener

$150.00 $75.00


Using Odor Control on your indoor air ventilation system provides you with the following service:

If you wish to breathe in fresh odor free air inside your home, we highly recommend asking for Odor Control Air Freshener. This is a highly efficient non-toxic product specially made to eliminate your odor problems.

There are no fragrances or other masking agents with this most commonly used product in the HVAC industry so it is sure to deal with odors at their source.

How does it work?

By vaporizing Odor Control into your indoor air ventilation system, any unpleasant odor will be eliminated leaving a neutral fresh scent. 

How frequently should you ask for your Odor Control?

We would recommend using Odor Control as part of your regular maintenance process.

This product has also proven to be a very efficient inhibitor of fire related gases. By spraying it on charred materials and smoke damaged surfaces, it will stop their evaporation and thus perform a detoxification of the smoke contaminated environment.


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