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Installation of Dryer vent hose or dryer vent bird cover/cage

$96.00 $48.00


Contributes to the significant reduction in the fire hazard and promotes the quality of air inside your home.

Having your Dryer Vent Hose or Dryer Vent Bird Cover/ Cage installed will not only cut on the amount of money you spend on repairing your dryer vent, it will further  lengthen its life span and more importantly reduce and even eliminate the risk of fire trigged by the accumulated gas from the exhaust. Maintain your dryer vents clean in order to provide your home with adequate air flow which will in turn help you avoid all of these hazards and inconveniences. 

Please bear in mind that a clogged dryer vent is not only a small inconvenience but also an indirect fire trigger. Therefore, taking the necessary measures of cleaning it and keeping it clean might save you a lot of troubles.

We strongly advise having your dryer vent cleaned regularly as it will provide you with the following:

The reduction in the fire hazards

Clear the hose and vent from the accumulated debris and lint as it will lead to the reduced air flow and the accumulation of gas from the exhaust. This will be a good setting for the outbreak of fire.

Do not take these risks lightly. Bear in mind the data issued by The Consumer Product Safety Commission. According to these, there are nearly 17,000 dryer related fires in the USA annually. 

The efficiency increase

Restoring a full working capacity saves your money.

The increase in the life span

A partly clogged or dirty dryer will work harder and longer. Avoid the wear and tear of the heating part and the blower thus lengthening the life span by up to 50 %.

Less Frequent mechanical failures

Avoid inconveniences, save your time and money.


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