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About Us


We work hard towards one single goal- creating a clean healthy indoor environment for you and your loved ones. Leave it to the professional hands of our technicians to restore the full working capacity of your duct-work thus getting the best protection against viruses, allergens, all living microorganisms, pet dander and fungi.

We guarantee a high-quality professional service at competitive prices. No hidden costs or additional charges. 100% customer satisfaction upon inspection or money back.

We recommend taking some easy steps to provide your household with a safe living environment. 

Our HVAC certified technicians will make sure your heating, ventilating and air conditioning systems are working at their full capacities. Fully respecting your home, they will leave no debris or dust behind.

Should you have any questions during our engagement, we will be happy to educate and provide any relevant information.

On completion, a free video inspection will be provided to our clients. A high- tech video camera will be inserted into your ventilation system offering you an insight into the quality of our performance. You will be able to see for yourself the result of our cleaning.

You will obtain fair flat-rate prices for our services regardless of the number of vents per HVAC system so you can be certain there will be NO surprise or hidden charges as you will be given detailed pricing upfront. 

The machine we use (TurboJet Max II) is equipped with a powerful dual-speed 3-phase motor. It features 2700 CFM at 5” static pressure, a size 12” inlet and a 3-stage HEPA filtration all of which has proven extremely effective in cleaning places such as hotels housing large contingent of guests, off shore drilling platforms or ships.

Dryer Vent Cleaning

Would it be an exaggeration to say you are practically risking your life in your own homes if you leave your dryer vents unchecked and full of lint? Let’s have a look at these numbers.

As has been estimated by The National Fire Protection Association it was exactly these unattended clothes dryers and washing machines that led to 16,800 fires taking the toll of 51 deaths, 380 injuries $ 236 million in property damage in 2010 alone.

What we can do is reach as deep as 30’ into your duct using a drill powered 4 “wide brush and a 6.5 HP vacuum ridding it entirely of any lint whatsoever.

Chimney Sweep

Why is it important to have your chimney swept regularly?

Your chimney is sure to have a creosote buildup on its interior surface. It comes as a result of incomplete combustion taking place in the enclosed space of your chimney lacking in sufficient airflow. As creosote is highly combustible, it may ignite when in contact with hot oxygen from the fire causing a chimney fire.

Remove the hazard of chimney fire by having it regularly swept.

We can provide you with a high quality chimney sweeping service. Your chimney will be clean and safe after removing the creosote and soot using our brushes in a standard procedure.

Air Duct Cleaning

 How can you be sure your air ducts are finally clean providing you with healthy indoor air?

A high-tech video camera will be inserted into your air duct enabling you to determine for yourself the state of the untreated air ducts. We will then employ a powerful vacuum fitted with HEPA filter thus putting your air duct system under negative pressure. Following this, any debris stuck to the interior surfaces will be forced out using our devices and the vacuum. Finally, a second look through our camera will prove the success of our cleaning methods.

As has been confirmed by our experience, upholding  NADCA standards of duct cleaning is the most effective way to clean air ducts and ventilation systems.

 Our Recommendations

You might be aware of the importance of having your air ducts cleaned regularly. However, you still might have a number of concerns such as the best time for your air duct maintenance, how frequently you need your HVAC cleaning and the like. 

Therefore, we invite you to consult our HVAC professionals and arrange a regular annual cleaning .Meanwhile, they will also inform you of the signs your air ducts are in urgent need of cleaning: watch for air dust blown out of your air duct grating, any pest or insects. 

For your convenience we have also set up a blog where you can keep informed about our HVAC recommendations.

Tips for Improving your Indoor Air Quality

Did you know that of the total of 8 million worldwide deaths per year from air pollution, over half are said to have been caused from indoor air pollution?

We at (name of the company) cannot stress enough the importance of maintaining a healthy living environment inside your homes.  

Have you ever wondered if any of the common health issues you might be experiencing such as fatigue, headaches, eye , nose or throat irritation and even cardiovascular ones might just be the result of the accumulated dust, debris or other buildup in your air ventilation system? Is it possible you have been unwillingly exposing yourself to bacteria, viruses, mold, fungi and other microorganisms contaminating the quality of your indoor air?

If so, it is high time you took action!

Check out our blog, or contact us and let us join efforts in improving your living environment!

Our Air Duct Services

In order to help you improve the air quality inside your households we have developed a wide range of specialized services:

-Air duct cleaning and sanitizing

-Air vent sanitizing

-Odor kill

-Dryer vent cleaning

-Chimney sweep and more.

Bearing in mind that only a clean HVAC system working at its full capacity can provide you with a healthy indoor living environment, and also the fact that each of our clients might have a different problem, we will firstly inspect your HVAC system to determine the malfunctioning.

Our experienced team will then use high quality equipment and their expert knowledge to clean and restore your HVAC system.

The end result will be a significant reduction in pollutants, absence of odor, better air flow. All in all, a clean healthy living environment.

The Best Time for HVAC cleaning

Choosing the best time largely depends on the location of your home. 

You might be residing in a place with a hot humid climate throughout the year or a place where the weather is freezing cold. In both cases, you are probably spending a lot of your time indoors with the A/C or your heating on most of the time. This style of life would require your HVAC system to be checked more frequently.

If you suffer from allergies, then any time is good to have your HVAC system cleaned and more frequently than otherwise.

But our general recommendation would be to get your HVAC serviced professionally shortly before you put it to most use, which in most cases means twice a year.

Also, in our professional experience, the most appropriate time would be the end of spring or any period of low pollen counts such as after the rainy season. Any cool spells of weather are also preferred. 

For any detailed information on this matter, we invite you to follow our blog or contact us in person.

What to Expect

Every step of our HVAC cleaning  process is transparent.

We take great pride in the quality of our work so we make sure you are satisfied with the end result. A free video inspection using a high- tech video camera will be available before and after the cleaning, a final quality assurance that you get your money’s worth.

If you require further detailed information on every step of our procedure from the moment you contact us to the moment we restore your house to the healthy clean living environment to the best of our capabilities, you can find additional information in our blog.

The expertise and experience of our highly skilled technicians is a further asset you will find you can rely on.

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